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Buying Flats in Newtown Rajarhat is truly special. It is related to our feelings and emotion as well. It is a big financial commitment. So it is important for you to be very careful about the project you are investing in. Otherwise, your hard-earned money will be in wastage. So here I am today with some specific tips, tricks, and considerations which you should follow before the investment.

One of the most popular places among Kolkata real estate buyers is the Newtown Rajarhat area of Kolkata. So, this list will focus on the Rajarhat area. However, these tips, tricks, and considerations are applicable to every place. Whether you are buying a flat in an apartment or you are buying a house, it will affect your future and family, right? So, let’s get into the tips.

1. Set a budget for Buying Flats in Newtown Rajarhat:

We all have a lot of plans for our first home. However, it is important to know our capacity first. So the first step or first tip to buy your dream property is setting the budget.

You can take a home loan for that. However, ever you are taking a home you need to remember your capacity. It has been suggested by the experts that you should spend your 28% income on your loan. Just remember you have lots of other debt too. So take the loan and set the budget wisely.

2. Set realistic expectations for Buying Flats in Newtown Rajarhat:

After setting the budget, you will understand what kind of apartment you will get or the location you will be able to get in your budget. Realistic expectations help in making the right research about the property. It reduces the time of searching.

3. Choose your builder wisely Buying Flats in Newtown Rajarhat:

Make research about the builder before you invest your hard-earned money. Although we all do a little bit of online research. However, experts say, the best way to know about a builder is by taking feedback from their old customers.

You can connect with the old customers and can ask them about the post-sale servicing or the quality of their construction as well. At the same time ask them about the finishing time of the project. If a builder does not have the reputation of finishing out their project on time then you should not invest in that project. Any kind of delay in finishing the project will create a financial burden on you. In this way, you will be able to know the real picture of their services.

A reputable builder tends to maintain legal transparency in the business. This will ensure the safety of your money.

Realtech Nirman believes in maintaining transparency in the business. So they post video testimonials on their social media handles which is basically the genuine feedback of the consumers.

If you really verify a builder, here are some points you need to verify :

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(i) The Title Deed

(ii) Encumbrance Certificate

(iii) Property Tax Receipts

(iv) The Release Certificate

(v) Building Completion Certificate (BCC)

(vi) Local Municipal Corporation approvals

(vii) RERA certificate

(viii) Commencement Certificate

(ix) Building Approval Plan

4. Focus on the carpet area and super-built area for buyingFlats in Newtown Rajarhat:

If you are searching for a 3 or a 2-BHK flat in Newtown Rajarhat, the inside space matters a lot. So here one of the most important things is the carpet area and the super-built area.

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The carpet area is the area of your flat. In a nutshell, the area you have inside your flat is the carpet area.

Super-built areas have elevators, staircases, parking areas, a clubhouse, and so on. So when the builder is telling you the price, ask them about the details of the super-built area and carpet area.

5. Do not overburden yourself :

I know that buying a home for the first time can be overwhelming. So it is important for you to leave enough space in life.

Do not overburn yourself. You need to remember that the price of a flat is not everything. There are many more hidden costs. For example, if someone is posting that the flats here are from 23 lakhs onwards, it doesn’t mean that this 23 lakh is your only expense to get that flat.

There are many more expenses such as PLC charges, GST charges, registration charges, parking spaces, stamp duty, home loan processing fees, miscellaneous charges, maintenance deposits etc.

So it is really huge. However, you must save some funds for your family and for emergency purposes too.

6. Do not forget to check on the HIRA number:

The full form of HIRA is the West Bengal Housing Industry Regulatory Act.

The HIRA number is proof that your builder and the project are legally approved by the state government. It ensures the transparency of the business as well. It also ensures that if you face any issues regarding the services or project, you will be able to take the help of the government.

So, do not forget to ask your builder about the HIRA number.

7. Location plays a huge role in buying flats :

Buying a home is a lifetime decision. This will affect our families significantly. So focus and choose a location while thinking about the future.

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For example, an apartment can be really reasonable and luxurious, however, the locality is not good enough. You should not invest in that.

Rajokiya apartment by Realtech Nirman is just 2 km from Bellevue Hospital, 9 km from Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport, 3 km from TCS, 10 km from Ultadanga railway station, 2 km from Amity University, and 4 km from Axis Mall. So in a nutshell Rajokiya will take care of every need of your life and family.

8. Focus on legal matters:

It is important for you to check all the legal documents of the project and the land.

Real estate has a lot of legal matters involved in it and missing out on a single thing can put your money at risk. You need to check the documents such as the occupancy certificate, title deed, building plan, completion certificate, sale deed, encumbrance certificate etc.

If you are not aware enough of these facts, you should take the help of a lawyer.

9. Read the agreement carefully for buying Apartments in Kolkata:

It can be called the most crucial part of buying a flat or a property. You should read the buyer-builder agreement very carefully.

Many times there are some hidden terms or words which can change the game. You should also check that the builder will pay compensation if they fail to complete the project on time. Otherwise, it can cause trouble for you.

At the same time, you should check that the agreement has an exact date, as instructed by Rera.

10. Do not fall for the looks Before buying an Apartment in Newtown Rajarhat:

It is important for you to check the quality of the construction. An apartment can look outstanding and can have all the amenities you look for. However, if the construction quality is not good, it is not going to serve its purpose.

11. Amenities for flats in Kolkata :

Amenities are one of the most important parts of an apartment. So you should have a list of amenities that you will need for the rest of your life.

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For example, if you have kids at home, a playground is an absolute necessity or if you have elderly people a hospital in a nearby place is a necessity. So, have a clear idea about it.

If you are buying a property in Rajokiya, you will be able to get all the necessities such as a community hall, uninterrupted power supply, gymnasium, playground, car parking, and so on.

12. Uninterrupted water & power supply:

Water and power supply are basic needs of life. So you must have a check on these two before you invest.

There are many instances where the apartment has excellent features, amenities, and location, however, the area has a severe issue of power cuts or water shortage.

So, when you are looking for all amenities, make sure that you are also asking for these two as well.

Rajokiya, the affordable flat near Newtown Rajarhat will be able to get a 24*7 power supply as they have that kind of set-up. This apartment also has a stable water supply system which will ensure a smooth living.

13. Focus on the furnishing cost involved:

Many times there are apartments that need renovation or interior work after you enter. So ask your builder about the interiors before you invest. If a builder is offering you a semi-interior at the price of a full interior, then you should not invest there.

14. Rental value and resale value of the property :

Buying a property is a form of investment. So it is important for you to make research on the resale and rental value of the property.

This will help in making an income source for you. You can ask your builder about this information. You can also hire an agent who will give you all the necessary information.

Final words: Buying a property is a dream come true and it is a high investment. So have a look at these tips. This will help you to get your desired property.

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