Braum's Application | 2023 Careers, Job Requirements & Interview Tips (2023)

Braum's Jobs & Careers – Application, How to Apply, Requirements & Interview Tips

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Braum's Application | 2023 Careers, Job Requirements & Interview Tips (1)

Application Shortcuts

  • Class A – CDL Delivery Driver
  • Bread Machine Operator
  • Shift Supervisor
  • Real Estate Professional
  • Lab Technician
  • Manager Jobs
  • How Much Does Braum’s Pay?
  • How Old to Work at Braum’s?
  • Does Braum’s Drug Test
  • Interview Questions

Careers at Braum’s aren’t just for those with restaurant or manager experience, there are also openings for qualified engineers, maintenance technicians and more. This could be a great opportunity for you, even if you wouldn’t normally consider the food industry.

Much more than just a restaurant chain, Braum’s believe strongly in vertical integration. That is, if you want something done right, do it yourself. For this reason, Braum’s operate their own dairy, meaning they’re the only ice-cream maker to milk their own cows.

Whether you’re serving ice-cream and burgers to hungry diners, selling quality, locally-producing groceries to shoppers, or making sure the whole operation keeps going with the help of your maintenance skills, a job at Braum’s can be incredibly rewarding.

If you’re keen to work with Braum’s, their current vacancies include Class A – CDL Delivery Driver, Bread Machine Operator, Shift Supervisor, Real Estate Professional, and Lab Technician.

Braum's Application | 2023 Careers, Job Requirements & Interview Tips (2)

Application Jumpstart

  • Class A – CDL Delivery Driver
  • Bread Machine Operator
  • Shift Supervisor
  • Real Estate Professional
  • Lab Technician
  • Manager Jobs
  • How Much Does Braum’s Pay?
  • How Old to Work at Braum’s?
  • Does Braum’s Drug Test
  • Interview Questions

Braum’s Jobs & Careers

Braum's Application | 2023 Careers, Job Requirements & Interview Tips (3)

Much of Braum’s recruitment is now done online, although it’s not the only way to apply for a job. Certain job adverts include email addresses or telephone numbers that can also be used.

To apply for a Braum’s vacancy online, visit their jobs page, and select the relevant job type and location. Applications can be completed online, or via email where specified.

Current openings at Braum’s include Bread Machine Operator, Shift Supervisor, Real Estate Professional, Lab Technician, and Class A – CDL Delivery Driver.

Class A – CDL Delivery Driver

Every scoop of Braum’s ice-cream and drop of Braum’s milk exists thanks to the hard work of the team at the Braum Family Farm in Oklahoma. This includes the delivery drivers responsible for transporting produce, of course.

Working as a Class A – CDL Delivery Driver for Braum’s, you’ll have a same-day route, so will be home every day, once you’ve finished delivering to your scheduled stores.

You’ll need a valid license, verifiable commercial driving experience of at least 1 year, and a willingness to provide excellent customer service with a positive attitude.

Bread Machine Operator

Monitoring the bread machines at the Braum Family Farm, a Bread Machine Operator oversees monitoring the on-site bread machines and ensuring high quality.

Braum’s reputation relies on delivering only high-quality fresh produce, so you’ll need to be committed to meeting these standards, and passionate about providing a great service.

This job involves a shift pattern where you’ll work from 4.30am – 2.30pm on a 4 days on, 2 days off schedule.

Shift Supervisor

Braum’s are currently hiring Shift Supervisors across a wide range of locations, tasked with overseeing the operation of each store.

A great Shift Supervisor will recognize the importance in valuing people, providing leadership, teaching and coaching when required, and monitoring inventory, standards and equipment in their store.

Essentials include a valid drivers license, strong work ethic, customer focus, and outstanding organisational and motivational skills. You must also be at least 21 and hold a High School diploma or equivalent.

Real Estate Professional

As Braum’s continues to grow, they need a skilled professional to oversee site development for new stores.

The successful candidate for Real Estate Professional will be responsible for locating new sites for Braum’s stores, working with the legal team, reviewing zoning requirements, meeting with city officials, and coordinating the landscaping and signage placing when the development is done.

A great Real Estate Professional will have at least 3-5 years relevant experience, strong negotiation skills, and a valid driver’s license. A real estate license is also preferred.

Lab Technician

Every mouthful of Braum’s food and drink must be delicious, but must also meet all company, quality control and health standards.

A Lab Technician is currently required to collect samples for analysis and a range of testing, including physical, microbiological and organoleptic. Other duties will include tracking results, maintaining inventory control, and quality assurance.

You should have a college degree in Food Science, as well as 1 year’s relevant experience. You should also either have, or be able to obtain, both a D Water Operators License and C Water Lab License.

Braum’s Manager Jobs

Braum’s management team keep the operation running smoothly and ensure compliance with all standards and regulations.

The expansion of the management team means Braum’s are seeking passionate, positive, energetic individuals in search of a career offering fantastic benefits and progression opportunities.

A District Manager is required to oversee the management of 7 stores. Responsibilities will include coaching, teaching and training the store management teams, establishing goals in line with company objectives, develop and improve the store management team, and work with the Area Recruiter. To apply, you should have 3 years’ restaurant or retail management experience, a valid driver’s license and, preferably, a college degree.

Several Assistant Restaurant Managers are being hired for various Braum’s stores, taking charge of providing an excellent customer experience to every visitor. Customer satisfaction and food quality will be optimized, and the daily operations of the food service function will be monitored. Applicants must be at least 21, with relevant experience and a High School diploma or equivalent.

Details of all Braum’s manager careers can be found on their careers website.

How Much Does Braum’s Pay (Hourly & Salary)?

Braum's Application | 2023 Careers, Job Requirements & Interview Tips (4)

Braum’s offer a competitive rate of pay, as well as benefits including medical, dental and vision insurance, paid vacations and product discounts.

Hourly rates at Braum’s start at around $8.11 for a crew member, rising to around $105,000 for a district manager. Similar restaurant roles, such as crew member at Taco Bell, pay an average of $8.41, while a Pizza Hut server can expect around $4.74 an hour.

Some of the most popular jobs at Braum’s are paid at the following average rates:

  • Class A – CDL Delivery Driver: $20 – $22/hour
  • Bread Machine Operator: $11 – $12/hour
  • Shift Supervisor: $29,500 – $31,000
  • Crew Member: $7 – $10/hour
  • Lab Technician: $14 – $16/hour
  • District Manager: $85,000 – $105,000
  • Assistant Manager: $34,500 – $37,500

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Braum’s?

Braum's Application | 2023 Careers, Job Requirements & Interview Tips (5)

Braum’s hires from 14-15 for some entry-level jobs, although specialist and manager roles are available from 21.

14-year-olds in some locales can apply for the following jobs at Braum’s:

  • Day Crew Member

Does Braum’s Drug Test?

Braum's Application | 2023 Careers, Job Requirements & Interview Tips (6)

Braum’s are clear about being a drug-free company, and any employees should expect mandatory drug-testing. That said, not all stores do drug test.

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Possible Braum’s Interview Questions & Tips

Braum's Application | 2023 Careers, Job Requirements & Interview Tips (7)

Landed an interview at Braum’s? Congratulations! To help you secure the job on your dreams, here are some possible questions you should be prepared to answer.

Why do you want to work at Braum’s?

Wherever you’re interviewing for, you should always have an answer for this question up your sleeve.

For Braum’s, you may want to say you love their vertical integration and policy of producing as much as possible themselves. Maybe the way they treat their milk to retain flavor and nutrients matters to you.

It’s also a good idea to talk about a passion for customer service, and working in a challenging yet rewarding environment.

What can you offer Braum’s?

Of course, the skills and experience relevant to the job in question are important, but you can probably assume that most people who applied also have those.

What makes you different, and why should they hire you over another candidate? Maybe you have awards that are relevant to the job, or you’ve got a story to tell that will make you stand out.

Commitment and loyalty are likely to be valued too.

Tell me about a time you handled a difficult situation

Generally, the key to answering this question well is knowing that it’s not about telling the interviewer how amazing you are, it’s about recognizing that, no matter who you are and what you’ve done, there’s always room to improve.

Tell a story about, perhaps, how you dealt with a difficult customer in your previous job, or when the restaurant you were working in ran out of a vital ingredient, or had to work without some equipment that broke at a terrible time.

Use “I” and not “we” to emphasize that you contributed to the successful outcome, and be sure to point out one aspect you could have done differently.

How to dress for your Braum’s interview

For an interview to work in a Braum’s store, it’s always best to appear professional, so smart casual is generally the way to go. Think ironed khakis or a smart skirt, with a button-down shirt or blouse.

Interviews for manager and corporate roles should always be attended in full business attire, including a jacket and tie.

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