Nail Salon Near Me: Find Best Nail Salons Closest to Your Location (2023)

Finding a satisfying nail salon near me is not easy. You know it if you have tried it. But no worries, here we got you covered to help connect you with the best nail salon near you.

The inside nail salon near me locator (jump to the locator directly) helps you quickly and easily find all nail salons nearby with all necessary information to plan your next visit to the selected nail place near you.

However, trying the nail salons near me randomly can be risk-taking without doing enough research. It’s likely that you’ve tried several nail salons near your area and your nails turned out to be disappointing.

That’s why we also prepare a guide here to help you find the best nail salons near your location. No matter you are a beginner or an highly experienced nail salon customer, you will find useful tips and tricks here to make your nail dreams come true.

Table of content:

  • Nail Salon Near Me Locator
  • Nail Salon Beginners Guide
  • How to Choose Nail Salone Near Me
  • How to Find Best Nail Salone Nearby
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Nail Salon Near Me Map

Whether you are looking for fancy and spa-like nail salons near you or those really fast and cheap nail shops, you are covered with this interactive Nail Salon Near Me map.

You will be sure to find the nail salon that delivers the services and experiences you enjoy.

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Note: For this map to work properly, make sure the GPS on your mobile phone is turned on. Learn how to turn it on on Android phone and iPhone. Also, avoid using proxies.

With the locator, it’s easy to know if there is any nail salons open near me. Just click on the specific nail store on the map and “view larger map”, you will see a lot more information about it, including the opening hours for every day.

If you search “nail salon near me” directly with the search bar on Google map, you can use the advanced filtering function to find the nail salons near me now open. You can also set specific filtering conditions, for example, the nail salon near me open on Sunday or today, sepcifically.

The nail store locations will be updated automatically on the map for your convenience of checking their availability nearby.

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So by this means, you can find the right nail salons open now near your current location and plan your visit wisely. In addition, you will know the directions, phone numbers, and real customer reviews which are really helpful in deciding the best nail shops nearby.

Are there any outdoor nail salons near me? If you are more comfortable with the outdoor environment during the epidemic or you just more enjoy the outdoor services, you can also find one with Google map.


Google is really intelligent these days. Just search “outdoor nail salon” and it will match you with the closest nail salons that have outdoor spaces according to the real customer comments.

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Editor’s Note: As you may already noticed, many nail salons near me require appointment ahead of time for safety reasons. If you are suddenly in a mood of getting your nails done, make sure you go to the wail-in nail salons near you.

This information is also available on the map by checking the Health & safety section. Those walk-in nail salons will have no marks as “appointment requirement”, but it’s always a good idea to call the nail shop and confirm before you go.

Beginners Guide: Services Nail Salon Near Me Offers

For those who just start investing in getting the nails done regulary, it’s easy to get lost about the nail salons and the products offered.

If you are one of them, you’d better equip yourself with some basic information before hitting that nail salon near you to make sure you get what you wanted.

#1. Nail Salon 101

So basically there are three major types of manicure the nail salon near you offers, in broad categories (in salon terms):

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Salon termsServices
Manicure· Removing old polish if any
· Trimming nailsShaping nails (oval, sauare, etc.)
· Cleaning up cuticles
· Applying new regular polish
· Hand/shoulder massage might be included
· Process takes up to 30 minutes
Gel manicure· Everything included in regular manicure but using gel polish
· Curing under UV light twice
· Top coat is applied to cure the nail
· Process takes up to 45 minutes
Acrylics (Also known as “full set”)· Regular manicure steps
· Cutting to any length and shapes
· Fill (Reapply) acrylic powder when nail grows out
· Process takes up to 90 minutes

*More categories can be found here including the popular American nail salons if you’re interested.

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Another important thing that you will care about when deciding which one to go for your next nail salon nearby is the time it lasts. Here is a quick comparison in table:

Types of manicure in nail salonTime last
ManicureUsually about one week
Gel manicureUsually 10 -14 days
AcrylicsUsually two to three weeks

An important tip I got from the nail technician is that never be bothered to ask questions about their service steps or procedures. Communication is really important to get your nails done beautifully.

And usually the nail salons anywhere are pretty accomendating with customers’ needs. Figure out what you want and don’t be afraid to ask for it. It’s okay if you just want a manicure with no polish or just a touch up on your broken nail.

#2. Nail Salon Near Me Prices

The price of nail salon services varies depending on different types of services also. Here is a rough price range so you can have an idea about the cost.

Types of manicure in nail salonPrice range
Manicure$10 – $15
Gel manicure$25 and up
Acrylics$25 and up

Curious about the price of the nail salon near me?

You can always find the price of nail salons near your area in the customer reviews. A small tip is to scroll down to the review section, find the “price” tag, click on it, and the map will show all the comments regarding the price for that specific nail salon near your community.


A money saving tip to get the cheap nail salon near you is to check out the coupons on GROUPON. Search nail salon and you will get up to 70% off on the services.

That’s how I successfully find the best and cheapest nail salon near me. You are also very welcome to share your ideas in the comment about how to find a good nail salon nearby.

How to Find Top Nail Salons Near Me

It’s a little tricky as to finding the best nail salon near me, since people have different preferences on the nail shapes, colors, nail store environment, prices, etc.

However, the below tips are useful for all who are looking for a good nail salon nearby:

  • Always do your research. Find a nail salon near you with awesome reviews. Pay attention to the names mentioned in the reviews, if one is always coming up, you got a good recommendation. Call and book with her specifically.
  • At the same time, avoid those “lazy” and careless nail technicians who can ruin your nails for life with inflections and injuries.
  • Take use of the technology. You might have better chances of finding a good nail tech or nail salon near you online with Instagram. Use the hashtag and check their posts and highlights to find your favoriate style.
  • Talk to friends and neighborhoods and ask them for advices on the best rated nail salons near your community.

Best Nail Salon Near Me: How to Choose

In the long list of nail salons near me, you might still be confused as to which one to choose. No one wants to waste time and money and come back home frustrated.

To target the top nail salon near me, it’s important to make use of the reviews section of the map. A golden rule is always going to the best rated nail salons by the customers.

If you browse the list of nearby nail salons on the map, you will find a star rating for each. The top rated nail salons near you tend to have cleaner environment, more professional technicians, as well as more resaonal prices.


Here is also a list of the top 7 nationwide nail salons in the U.S. including the luxury and affordable ones where you can just relax and get a quality manicure that lasts:

Nail SalonFind Nearest Location
FrenchiesnailsLocations near you
BellacuresLocations near you
Namaste Nail SanctuaryLocations near you
Paintbase NailsLocations near you
Nail GardenLocations near you
MiniluxeLocations near you
ProseLocations near you

It’s never hurt to give a call directly to the nail salons near your area for their services, opening hours, prices, or anything you care about and make a comparison before making the decision. Remember that a nail store or a tech that doesn’t want to communicate or educate their clients is not worth your time or money.


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