The Bulky Waste collection service - Basildon (2023)

1.The Service basics

1.1. This agreement is made between the resident ('the resident') and Basildon Borough Council ('the Council') of The Basildon Centre, St. Martin's Square, Basildon SS14 1DL and sets out the terms and conditions under which the resident may use the Council's Bulky Waste collection service ('the Service').

1.2. The Service is only available to Basildon Borough Council to domestic premises, as described as a residential property by the Local Land Property Gazetteer (LLPG) and must be collected from a domestic property within the Council boundary.

1.3. The Service is for the collection of large or unwanted household items ('the bulky waste') that the customer cannot reuse or recycle (e.g. ‎furniture, white goods), that the customer cannot transport to the local Recycle Centre for Household Waste (local "tip"), household reuse or recycling ‎centres.‎

1.4. ‎This service is for domestic household waste only. The Council will not collect fixtures, fittings or construction waste, and commercial or industrial waste.

1.5. The payment for the Service is in advance and at the time of booking.

1.6. The cost of the Service is determined by the Council on an annual basis, although the Council reserve the right to change this mid-year if deemed necessary.

2.Booking the Service

2.1. The resident must book a collection slot via the Council's website or call centre, for which payment must be made at time of booking to confirm collection slot.

2.2. A Service is charged for up to 5 (five) items, an additional 5‎ (five)‎ items can also be booked for an additional charge. A maximum of 10 (ten) items can be booked. Full details of Service charges can be found at

2.3. The Council does not offer any concessions to the collection fee.

2.4. Payments must made by Debit Card or Credit Card. The Council does not accept cash payments.

2.5. A resident can only book a collection slot from the property on it's usual refuse and recycling collection day.

2.6. The collection slot is not a timed slot, collections can be made at anytime during the day of the collection slot.

2.7. The resident must list all items that are to be collected at the time of booking, items incorrectly listed or additional items presented for collection will not be collected. The full list of accepted items can be found

2.8. The resident must accurately describe the location that the bulky waste is to be presented at time of booking. The Council reserve the right to refuse a refund if the resident's description is not accurate.

2.9. The resident will receive an email confirmation of the collection slot. Residents that do not have an email address will not receive confirmation of booking in writing.

2.10. Subject to any exemptions in section 4 below, refunds will not be issued once a booking is made.

2.11. Any amendments to the booking, or cancellation must be made a minimum of 2 working days prior to the collection slot.

3.Presentation of waste

3.1. All bulky waste items must be presented for collection by 7:30am on the day of booked collection slot.

3.2. The collection point should be presented on the property as close to the highway or access road as possible and should be a) clearly visible to collection crew; b) the collection route is not obstructed e.g. by vehicles, other waste.

3.3. All bulky waste items should be presented together in one position. If items need to be stacked, they should be stacked in a safe manner. If the items are presented in a way deemed to be unsafe the resident may be requested to re-present the waste and the collection date rearranged.

3.4. The bulky waste cannot be collected from within a house, flat, garage or shed etc.

3.5. If the resident has steps leading to their property from the public footpath, the items must be ‎placed at the bottom of the steps at pavement level. They must be safely placed and must not be obstructive.‎

3.6. The resident is responsible for the safe and secure storage of the bulky waste items until such time the collection has been made.

3.7. The collection point for properties with difficult access e.g. flats, shall be agreed with the ‎Council prior to the collection. If a site visit is required to establish a collection point, the Council reserves the right to charge an additional fee.‎

3.8. Any items stored within bulky waste items presented for collection MUST be removed prior to ‎collection. This includes removing food and liquids from fridges and freezers.‎ Any item inadvertently left with a bulky waste item will be disposed of, no compensation will be offered by the Council in such occurrences.

3.9. The Council reserves the right to refuse a refund if the resident fails to present waste in time for collection, waste presented in wrong position or incorrectly listed items.

3.10. A resident with a regular assisted collection service may receive assistance with collection if this is highlighted at time of booking.

4.The collection and refunds

The Council accepts no liability for any damage caused to property in performing the ‎Service, or any damage or injury caused by the items whilst waiting collection.

4.1. The Council reserves the right to defer or suspend the Service in exceptional circumstances (e.g. industrial action, riot, terrorist attack, war, fire, adverse weather conditions). No refunds will be payable in theses circumstances and the Council will use reasonable endeavours to rebook the collection as soon as possible.

4.2. If the Council misses a collection when the items have been presented correctly, the Council, on notification, will use reasonable endeavours to return to collect within two working days. The Council will not issue refunds for missed collections.

4.3. If the Council misses a collection and the resident independently arranges for collection of the bulky waste, the Council will not be responsible for any third party costs or any other costs incurred.

4.4. If the booked bulky waste items are removed by a third party (e.g. a scrap dealer), with or without the resident's approval the Council will offer no refund.

4.5. If a resident organises a collection and the resident independently arranges for collection of the bulky waste, the Council will not be responsible for any third party costs or any other costs incurred.

4.6. If the presented items are contaminated in such a way that may cause a health hazard to the collection crew, the Council reserve the right to refuse collection and no refund will be offered.

4.7. The Council reserve the right to refuse collection if collection crew are verbally abused or feel threatened in the process of collection and no refund will be offered.

4.8. The Council shall not provide a refund to a resident where the resident cancels the collection less than 2 working days prior to the collection slot.

4.9. The Council may at its discretion provide a refund to a resident where the collection is cancelled more than 2 working days prior to the collection slot, and where the resident has acted reasonably, and without negligence or fraud.

4.10. The service will recycle and reuse as much material as possible. Items collected by the Council become the property of the Council and may be resold as part of a reuse scheme.

5.Resident data

5.1. The information provided by the resident will be held and processed by Basildon Borough Council. Information provided will be not be shared with other Council departments. Information will be held and disposed of in line with the Council's GDPR, Document Retention and Disposal Guidance. Any information that the Council has about a resident can be obtained by making a request in writing by using a Subject Access Request form. The Council's policy can be viewed at: data


6.1. The Council reserves the right to vary these Terms & Conditions

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